Funny Comic Strips Ideas

Funny Comic Strips Ideas
cute ideas for comic strip?

I have to do a short comic / manga strip, because … well I … I should be about 1 or 2 pages or only a horizontal / vertical one or something …. CUTE Any ideas? or funny ideas? It is quite short, so nothing tooo developed. I really want XP and fun ideas cute! It can be about anything … perferably people … and non-violence … or oath … or the like.

You're Asian. Do one thing for Hello Kitty Duh.

Funny Comic Strips Ideas Funny Comic Strips IdeasFunny Comic Strips Ideas
Funny Comic Strips Ideas 2 Funny Comic Strips Ideas

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colonial newspapers? ideas of the comic?

Art Project .. have to do this colonial newspaper Friday .. I have to do a story for him .. but idk Whut I do for him, trembling. I mean, Whut wud find funny in the colonial era (1771)? I thought something jackets cons "red" and some thing about havin a yellow jacket and red. u know the yellow jacket wasp things? I could do a red and have to do something fun … Whut idk but to do so. pleaseee helppp?! : (Thank youu:))

Hello I was wondering if maybe you could do something in the sentence colonial icon smile Funny Comic Strips Ideas Have you heard stocks or the pillory? The stocks and pillory were two sentences that were used in colonial times and they were very unpleasant for criminals locked up in them, but lots of fun for everyone icon smile Funny Comic Strips Ideas The pillory was more a wooden frame with holes in the head and hands, and always created in the village square, where everyone could see. If you have been sentenced to one day in the pillory, to take the place of the village and you have to stand behind the pillory and bend slightly forward. The upper half of the stocks rise and you must put your head and hands in the holes in the wood. Once the head and hands in position, the upper half of the participation is limited and locked in place so that you could not get head or hands icon smile Funny Comic Strips Ideas Reservations are always placed next to the pillory and had holes in his hands and feet. If you have been sentenced to a day in stocks, which had to sit on a wooden bench and put your hands and feet outward in front of you, so you can watch holes in the frame. It was very humiliating to have to stay in the stocks or standing in the pillory, and people come to disturb you, they laugh at you and you fun. If you had been convicted a passage in the stocks or pillory, which is normally locked in a day! There was always a thrill when they announced someone is in the stocks or pillory and all the world would agree instead to see the effort! The worst of the trouble was that people were allowed to throw things at crime in the stocks and pillory! The People to keep a supply of rotten eggs and when they learned that someone was about to be put in the stocks or pillory, which would put a basket of rotten eggs and go to market over the poor lay in prison! Persons in stocks and pillory were thrown all sorts of unpleasant things – the smell, the better! The most popular missiles – which was worse than the shots thrown icon smile Funny Comic Strips Ideas – were rotten eggs, bad fruit, vegetables, moldy, stinking fish, and various types shit. Because they were so dirty and smelly, dog shit, cow dung and horse manure have been particularly good for shooting criminals in the stocks and pillory, and people used to gather the stinking shit they could find and throw to the helpless victims icon smile Funny Comic Strips Ideas At the end of the day, people in the stocks or pillory is was really dirty and smelly and I'm sure it would have stunk for several weeks after his punishment! I thought maybe it could be a scene in the comic in which some offenders are punished in the stocks and pillory. There may be a lot of criminals walking around, taunting and throwing rotten eggs and fruit rotten! I hope your project goes well icon smile Funny Comic Strips Ideas If you need more help or information, just send me an email icon smile Funny Comic Strips Ideas Good luck!

Cadbury – Spots Vs Stripes Funny Commercial (Fish Battle)

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