Comical Won’t Open

Comical Won’t Open
Display problem RAR file?

I recently downloaded some Comics and I've been trying to see using the latest version Funny, but not let me. Whenever I try to open using comedian who says you can not open because it is a valid RAR file. I wondered if this was a problem with comics or comic? One, if you can fix? Any help is appreciated.

Try reinstalling Windows RAR and see if that helps, if not what is probably the comics that are bad.

Comical Wont Open Comical Wont OpenComical Won’t Open
Comical Wont Open 2 Comical Wont Open

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Where can I download a rar format Superman The Man of Steel # 48?

I use to have a copy of this in the 90s, but someone like stealing and once again for a long time "and found a man of steel in the series format rar a torrent, but half of them, including the Man of Steel 48 # Does not appear on the screen comic or CB-I was wondering is their good site that has a format the Man of Steel Superman 48? Thank you in advance

DC Comics not offer for sale books in CBR format. You can not download copy anywhere.


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